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Crossed roller bearings and axial radial bearings rotary table bearings will to be showed on the CIM

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 Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co. Ltd.(LYZC)will present on the CIMT2013, which is one of the largest mchine tools and industrial robots show on the world, the others are IMTS 2014 nternational Manufacturing Technology Show , JIMTOF2013 The Japan International Machine Tool Fair, EMO Hannover. 
LYZC have become a professional supplier of machine tools parts and industrial robot parts, industrial automation parts, medical equipment parts and other industries parts. and have supplied high quality axial radial combined rotary table bearings and crossed roller bearings to clients all over the world for a long time. 
The main products are HYT series axial radial combined bearing and crossed roller bearings,with precision of P5,P4,or P2,which outer ring diameter ranges between Ø50mm-Ø1800mm.Our rotary table bearings cover HYT basis series rotay table bearings,HYTS high rotational speed rotay table bearings,HYTM rotary bearing with angle measuring system,and HYZF double direction axial angular contact ball bearings. Our crossed roller bearings cover HYSX series, HYBC series, and HYBH series,HYRB series,HYRE series, HYRU series, HYRA series, crossed taper roller bearings HYXR series. 
With  Hongyuan’s  talented staff and modernized management system, the company is qualified by ISO9001:2008 Certification. Most of our facilities and high precision machines are imported from Germany or adjusted by ourselves. Besides, perfect quality control system and advanced test devices have ensured the long-time service and stable use of our products. Hongyuan pays high attention to the bearing quality and adopts the 6S refined management completely. We can control our quality strictly to achive customers requirement. We carry out process control, and have made detailed  and  controllable work standard for all working procedures, and monitor all details in bearing production strictly as the standard. The quality control starts at development stages till delivery, by this life cycle controlling, Hongyuan’s quality is not only means of products, but also the way that company work with. 
Our bearing have been widely used on high precision numerical rotary table,index head,military radar,aerospace and aeronautical industry, medical equipment , industry robots ,as soon as the fields with high requirement on rotation accuracy in measurement and test. And we have been producing crossed roller bearings for industry robots ,robotic cells, manipulator joint.
LYZC has assessed by GIC and complying with ISO9001:2008. With stable and reliable performance ,our products have been exported to West Europe,North America and other countries all over the world, have been highly praised by customers. Customers' requirements are the center of our action , we will develop the markets by high quality products and best service.  

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