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Hongyuan offer low price crossed roller bearing with high precision and high quality

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 Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co.Ltd, which is the only professional manufacturer who committed to research and development of high precision axial / radial rotay table bearings in China, who also working at research and development of high precision crossed roller bearings. 

YRT Rotary table bearings are ideal for rotary positioning systems where both precision and height are critical. The bearings sizes range from 40mm to 1200mm Inner diameter  only yet deliver radial and axial run-out from 10m down to 1m and wobble from 6rad down to 2rad. Rotary table bearings have many types in many sizes such as YRT series ,YRTSpeed series and YRM series, which are very popular in high quality machine tools.

Models: YRT50, YRT80, YRT100, YRT120, YRT150, YRT180, YRT200, YRT260, YRT325, YRT395, YRT460, YRT580, YRT650, YRT850, YRT950, YRT1030 ,YRT1200!
YRTS high rotational speed Table Bearings YRTS200 ,YRTS260,YRTS325,YRTS395,YRTS460, YRTM Axial and radial bearing with the angle measuring system bearings YRTM150,YRTM180,YRTM200,YRTM260,YRTM325,YRTM395,YRTM460, 

Main brands:LYZC, YRT
OEM :   Neutral , or as per customers’ requirements

Wheel, inline skate, roller hockey, cnc routers, skateboard, rollerblades, fishing reels, slotcars, atv, quad skate, dental handpiece, bicycles, rc cars and trucks, model engines, yoyos, go karts, motorcycles, snowmobiles and jewelry spining rings.

Whenever you have any requirements of rotary table bearings , welcome to enquire HONGYUAN company , HONGYUAN will supply you with best prices and favorable quality , HONGYUAN never supply lower quality ,all of LYZC  roller bearings are with high quality and work value , for more information , please contact us according to the contact address .


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