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Crossed roller bearings on Compact Industrial Welding Robot Cell with Additional Axes

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 Crossed roller bearings on Compact Industrial Welding Robot Cell with Additional Axes
One Germany company offers a "plug-and-play" welding cell with high-capacity industrial Robot StarV controller and two freely programmable additional axes. And crossed roller bearings play an important role on that.
The cell, which is designed to ensure economical industrial robot welding even for small series, consists of an upright or suspended, six-axis Reis vertical articulated arm robot, which has a payload capacity of 6 kg and a repeatability of 0.05 mm and is designed for complex path tasks. Thanks to its rigid construction and enclosed drive elements, it can be operated in 
extreme conditions.
The high quality robot and rotary table are mounted on a common transport frame. Also mounted on the transport frame is the entire safety cabin. The manual rotary table is equipped with two additional tailstock turning devices, with a separation between tips of 1,200 mm and a payload of 100 kg. These can be separately controlled and deployed as seventh and eighth external robot axes in  order to optimally position components relative to the robot.
While the robot is welding workpieces in one station, finished parts can be unloaded at the other and new parts be loaded. The cell can also be arranged for welding different components in alternating stations. Integrated synchronization of the table position  with reference to the robot even allows different programs to be processed on alternate sides. This creates greater flexibility.  A special crossed roller bearing and another type of rotary table bearing enables the workpiece carrier plate to be easily moved,  and thus minimizes strain on the operator. With this rotary table concept, complicated and expensive safety equipment becomes redundant - light barriers, step mats, swing doors and two-hand operations can be eliminated. Since euro pallets and boxes with  single or finished components can be stored right beside the rotary table within reach of the operator, resulting downtimes are reduced to a minimum.
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