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Rotary table bearings on high precision vertical machining centers.

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 Rotary table bearings on high precision vertical machining centers.

It is said that one aompany has started taking orders for high-rigidity, high-precision vertical machining centers.
The vertical machining centers offers improved machining efficiency thanks to a spindle with an increased maximum spindle speed of 
13,000 min-1, as well as excellent features of the previous model, including slideways with high damping performance. Its new cover 
designed with workability in mind offers better accessibility, operability, and visibility. Additionally, an external chip conveyor 
(option), designed in-house and capable of handling any chip in any shape, ensures higher productivity. Here, we would like to 
highlight other features from the perspectives of (1) High Rigidity, (2) High Precision, (3) Higher Reliability, (4) Improved 
Workability, (5) Wide Variety of Models, (6) DDRT Series, (7) MAPPS IV + ESPRIT, and (8) Compliance with Safety Standards.
(1) High Rigidity
In the spindle, air and cooling oil pipes and bolt mounting positions are arranged symmetrically relative to the center of the 
spindle. The rotary table bearings internal diameter is 80 mm for No. 40 taper spindle and 120 mm for No. 50 taper spindle. The 
both sizes are the largest in the class. The spindle is designed to minimize thermal displacement and to be robust against run-out. 
Additionally, the slideways with high damping performance have increased machine rigidity, minimizing chatter during heavy-duty 
cutting of difficult-to-cut material.
(2) High Precision
The slideways with high damping performance minimize chatter during machining, offering high surface quality. For machining that 
requires higher precision, optional coolant circulation is available. Coolant circulating inside the column minimizes heat 
generated on the slideways during machining and deformation caused by changes in ambient temperature. The coolant circulation 
reduces thermal displacement to 7 µm or less in the X- and Y-axis directions and to 6 µm or less in the Z-axis direction.
(3) Higher Reliability
The vertical machining centers uses a spindle with an advanced labyrinth structure to prevent coolant from entering the spindle. 
This durable spindle offers highly reliable machining of difficult-to-cut material, including advanced material, which requires 
operations using short tools and high-pressure coolant. Additionally, an external chip conveyor equipped with a drum filter + a 
cyclone filter, designed in-house and capable of handling any chip in any shape is available. The cyclone filter allows the 
conveyor to collect fine sludge, reducing the frequency of cleaning inside the tank. With excellent chip disposal capability, this 
conveyor ensures high reliability and productivity.
*Chips in the form of dust are called fine sludge. They absorb moisture and oil from coolant and are difficult to be transferred 
and discharged.
(4) Improved Workability
A single door with a larger window is used to allow operators to view the spindle center from the front of the machine. It also 
provides good visibility; the machining point as well as interference can be checked easily. Additionally, the position of the 
lower end of the front door has been lowered by 66 mm to offer better access to the spindle and table, ensuring efficient setup 
operations including attaching and removing tools and workpieces.
(5) Wide Variety of Models
The vertical machining center is basically divided into three models based on the X-axis travel.  And each model can be equipped 
with either a No. 40 taper or No. 50 taper spindle. Furthermore, the HSC specification, which offers a spindle speed of 20,000 min
-1, is also available for machines with a No. 40 taper spindle. Customers can choose the ideal machines from nine different 
variations according to their workpiece size and material needs.
(6) DDRT Series  can be equipped with the DDRT Series of high-speed, high-precision rotary tables. Mori Seiki's original DDM 
(Direct Drive Motor)technology that transmits the drive power of the motor directly to the rotary axes achieves high-speed, high-
precision indexing and no backlash. The machine equipped with 1-axis rotary table or 5AX-DDRT200 2-axis rotary table offers 
machining of complex-shaped workpieces that require simultaneous 4-axis and 5-axis control. (7) MAPPS IV + ESPRIT
The machine uses the MAPPS IV high-performance operating system for its operation panel. MAPPS IV is equipped with the 
conversational automatic programing function as standard, and the ESPRIT CAM software license is available as an optional feature. 
The combination of ESPRIT and MAPPS IV enables creation of complex machining programs on a PC that is connected to the machine via 
the network. Other features of MAPPS IV include a large user memory area (50MB) for program storage, which is separate from the NC 
memory, and the USB interface which facilitates easy data transfer between the machine and the PC. The programs stored in MAPPS can 
be used
by transferring them to the NC unit directly.
(8) Compliance with Safety Standards
The vertical machining centers complies with safety standards all over the world, including IEC Standards, UL Standards and JIS 

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